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01 September 2014 @ 08:00 pm
One more wedding placeholder. Just in case we get wordy.
01 September 2014 @ 07:48 pm
Big wedding things! To be posted hopefully within the next few months. :)
21 May 2014 @ 12:07 am
Cassie was reclined on the cushioned chaise, a colorful umbrella drink on the table to her right. The sun was bright, but the ocean breeze kept it from feeling too hot. She’d been soaking up the sun for a quarter hour or so, and after taking a sip from her drink, she rolled to her stomach to make sure she didn’t get browned unevenly. This holiday was exactly what she needed.

Maddy was nearly two now, and Cassie adored her daughter. A toddler was proving to be quite a handful though, and when Stephen told her he’d arranged for them to have a little getaway, she’d been delighted. Her parents were more than happy to spend the week with Maddy, so here they were in Cabo San Lucas, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company in ways that had been less frequent since the birth of their daughter.

Currently, Stephen was taking a dip in the ocean. Later… Well, later they’d take a dip in each other. Again. There was no schedule to be kept, so whenever the urge struck, they felt no guilt in indulging it.

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“Gabrielle, mia bellaza, you are a creature of poise. That is perfect. Do that.”

Well used to Marco’s ‘coaching,’ Gabrielle struck the appropriate poses. In the sheer white dress -- and no bra -- she let the ocean breeze run through her hair and ruffle the soft material fluttering around her thighs. Tipping her head back in pleasure, one hand skimmed upwards to cover a breast; the thin material of her dress did little to hide the pink peaks.

Si, si, mia dolce, this is perfect. You are perfect.”

Oui, Marco, you ‘ave been telling me this for years.” While she adored her work, Gabrielle couldn’t help but feel the tiniest bit guilty. While she and Neil had talked about her schedule, the fact that this particular shoot had gone back to back with a huge campaign for Rag & Bone had been unavoidable. As it was, she had been missing her boyfriend for nearly two weeks, and it didn’t sit well with her.

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24 April 2013 @ 05:16 pm
Astoria checked the delicate golden watch on her wrist again. It was now two minutes till. He should be back anytime.

She arrived exactly seven minutes early for her meeting with Edward, a meeting that had been put off multiple times over the last few months. Something always seemed to arise at the last minute for one, or both of them. She was insistent this meeting happen sooner than later though. If she waited much longer, she talk herself right out of the conversation she needed to have with him. That this wasn’t the right time. That she was making the wrong decision.

The fact of the matter was that she was going through the motions at White Chapel, and had been for a long time.

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16 October 2013 @ 01:10 am
Curled up in front of the large fireplace in her father’s study, Pansy tucked her bare feet beneath her and reclined on the surprisingly comfortable sofa. She would likely always think of this room as “father’s,” even though the man in question had been dead for over ten years. Parkinson Manor was her childhood home; old habits died hard.

She cupped a deep glass of cabernet sauvignon and stared into the flickering flames, her mind lost in thought. It was nearly November -- the days were growing shorter, the nights colder, and it was only a little more than one month until her wedding day.
Her wedding day. After years alone, it was surreal to think that such a thing was happening. She had made peace with the knowledge that she and Lysander weren’t meant to be, because surely if they were, it would have happened already.

But then again, Fate had always enjoyed making mischief with her life.

As such, it was happening. The date was set, the invitations had been sent and RSVPs were already flooding in. Astoria’s bridesmaid dress had been commissioned along with her bridal gown. Flowers, caterers, musicians; all were chosen and ready. She had never been one of “those girls” who planned every single detail of their wedding years beforehand, but even she had been slightly taken aback at how easy it all was.

At least, it had been. There was still one last thing to do before things could move forward -- and it was the most difficult of all.

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While Pansy truly loved her fiancé -- and Merlin only knew that referring to him as such was going to take a little while to get used to -- Lysander had a tendency to limit the time she spent with her girlfriends. Astoria would always be the dearest to her heart, but over the past ten years, she’d grown genuinely fond of Romilda.

Of course, it wasn’t entirely her fault she hadn’t seen the erstwhile Gryffindor in some time. Romilda had existed in a constant state of pregnant, post-pregnant, or about-to-become pregnant. The lure of a foot rub and fresh pedicure had been enough to convince her to leave her growing group of spawn with a nanny elf and join Pansy for an afternoon at the spa.

Said friend, though, was late. Pansy was feeling benevolent, though, and given Romilda’s advanced state of pregnancy, she didn’t overly mind. Until the other woman arrived, she had a glass of champagne and a copy of Wizarding Vogue to occupy her time.

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